viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Rihanna's description

This woman is an important singer at the moment .
Her name is Rihanna, although her true name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Rihanna is an artist of R & B recording, songwriter and model.
She won a lot of awards of music. She loves the music, so she has very important songs with artits from all over the world.

She is tall and thin although has got log-legged. She has got green eyes and brown and short hair, but she usually changes her appearance.
She is very attractive and pretty. Rihanna is a sun-tanned, so she is a also help for the people discriminated.  She is well-dressed and often she wears beautiful earrings and bracelets.
She is a person tolerant, lively and hard-working, but she is a bit stubborn. Even so, she is funny and extraverted.

Rihanna is 22 years old and she has got two brothers and she is oldest. Their mother is natural from Guyana and the father from Barbados.
Matt Kemp is her boyfriend present, however she had other boyfriend and she was victim of a violence case. For this motive, Rihanna likes collaborate with people that are or had been victims of a similar case.

In that moment, Rihanna wants to marry Matt Kemp.
For all this, she lives the moment.

1 comentario:

  1. artits (artiSTs)
    has got log-legged. (she is loNg-legged)
    a sun-tanned (... woman, you have to finish the sentence)
    she is a also help (is also a help) for the people discriminated (discriminated people)
    person tolerant, lively and hard-working, (person goes at the end: tolerant.... person)
    extraverted. (extrOverted)
    present (it's better to use last)
    likes collaborate (collaboratING)

    Be careful with spelling. Best luck next time!!! :)